The Comic

Paris, 1940: To prevent it from falling into the hands of the Nazis, Jakob and Roni Blum’s art collection is brought by Galande, a famous gallerist, to an unknown location. Amongst the artworks is a small painting: a portrait of Esther, the Blum’s daughter…

Paris 2010: Léa Blum, Esther’s daughter receives a mysterious letter in the post, resurrecting the family’s painful past. While they attempt to trace the whereabouts of the portrait of Esther, Léa and her daughter Iris discover something that will change their lives forever…

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The Black Notebook

Learn more about the events depicted in the comic with the black notebook. With the story of the family as your starting point, discover some short historical facts relating to the period. The Blum family history and the history of the Second World War intertwine and come to life thanks to the digital content: images, sound, and video clips carefully selected by a historian.
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