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The Rose Valland Database

Episode V - page 85

Iris’s Internet search brings up a site called ‘Rose Valland, Musées Nationaux Récupération’.

The Rose Valland site was put in place by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication at the end of the 1990s. It consists of a database that lists the 2,000 unclaimed artworks stolen during the war, now on display in various French museums. The site consists of two main sections: an index of the artworks with photographs and their current location, and historical documents relating to the looting of artworks during the war.

The Ministry of Culture and Communication launched the site at a time when access to, and use of the Internet was rapidly growing in France. The aim of the platform was to facilitate the restitution of these 2,000 stolen artworks, recovered after the war, to their rightful owners or heirs. Since the end of the war, many of these works, labelled ‘MNR’, standing for National Museums Restitution, have been exhibited throughout France.

The Rose Valland Database