The Portrait of Esther The Black Notebook

The Holocaust

Episode IV - page 13

Jakob and Roni Blum suffered the same fate as most of France’s Jewish families during the Second World War.

The Jews were considered by the Nazis to be the enemy and in the Nazi ideology were depicted as an inferior race. The propaganda issued by the Vichy Government disseminated similar opinions in the form of pamphlets, reports and even an exhibition called ‘Le Juif et la France’ (France and the Jews). 

Captured, forced to live in designated areas (ghettoes) and killed, the objective of the Nazi Regime was the total and utter annihilation of the Jewish race. The extermination of the Jews during the Second World War was systematic and highly organized, making the Jewish genocide one of the most unique examples of genocide in the history of mankind.

The number of victims of the Holocaust is estimated at 6 million, in other words, two thirds of all Jews living in Europe in 1939. In France, 75,721 Jews were deported to concentration camps. The Vichy Government played an active role in the classification of the French population and therefore, in the deportation of its Jewish citizens.