The Portrait of Esther The Black Notebook

Hermann Göring and Bruno Lohse

Episode III - page 60

In the comic, the museum staff are seen preparing for a visit by Marshal Hermann Göring, Hitler’s right-hand man, and the second most powerful figure in the Nazi Regime. Bruno Lohse, who played a key role in the appropriation of stolen artworks in France, welcomes Göring on the front steps of the Jeu de Paume.

Hermann Göring in August 1932
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The two men know each other well, they are friends. Göring, an art lover and collector, allows himself to be guided by Lohse in his choice of artworks for his own personal collection.

Hermann Göring was reputed to be a temperamental man, who hated following orders. He had a great love of art and enjoyed displaying his wealth. During the Second World War, he was a frequent and privileged visitor to the Jeu de Paume. Thanks to Bruno Lohse, he had unlimited access to the rooms where the plundered art was stored. He regularly came to pick out new pieces to add to his personal collection.