The Portrait of Esther Practical information


Romain Bonnin

With a background in theatre and performance, Romain Bonnin developed an interest in new forms of storytelling and entered the CNAM-ENJMIN (School for Digital and Interactive Media and Video Games). Following his Masters, he began work at Mimesis Republic as a story designer before joining the team of KTM Advance as a scriptwriter. Since 2012, he has worked on transmedia projects as part of the new writing team for France Télévisions, participating as author and designer on the popular TV series Plus Belle la Vie. In 2015, he was made editorial consultant for the new writing team of France Télévisions.

Pierre Jeanneau

Founder of Editions Polystyrène in 2010, Pierre Jeanneau graduated with a visual arts diploma from the Ecole Européenne Supérieure de l’Image in Angoulême in 2011. He spent 18 months backpacking around the world with a friend and during his stay in Melbourne, Australia, he met his future wife. The pair returned to Europe and settled in London, where he continued his involvement with Editions Polystyrène along with other projects, including fatherhood. Pierre Jeanneau currently lives and works in France with his wife and daughter, Melyn, a sleeping and eating specialist!

Emmanuel Rouillier, atelier Mosquito

The Portrait of Esther was designed around an original idea by Emmanuel Rouillier from the Atelier Mosquito, developed and produced in partnership with the Museums of the City of Angers within the framework of a call for proposals for the ‘Innovative Cultural Services Project’ launched by the Ministry of Culture.